Vegetable Sushi Rolls

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Hey everyone thank you so much for watching. This recipe is incredibly delicious and loaded with vegetables which are super nutritious and healthy. I created it for those days that you want to get your vegetables in but you’re tired of salads and are looking for something new/more creative. I like to add a variation of colors since each color has its own nutritional values.This is a fun recipe you can get creative with and I show you two different kinds of rolls using two different healthier versions of “sticky rice.” You can add/ take away the vegetables of your choice of course but if you want the full ingredient list/description of what I used, it is listed down below!


-I got them from Kroger in the Asian isle…
I’m sure you can find them at most grocery stores.
You can slightly wet the paper to make it easier to roll. Plastic wrap under the Nori helps tremendously to roll the sushi and keep it tight. You also want to make sure that the knife you use to cut the sushi is super sharp so that the roll won’t fall apart.

-You must cook the quinoa well before putting it onto the Nori paper. Most recipes using sticking rice call for rice vinegar and sugar to make the sushi rice more sticky but in this case I wanted to keep it as healthy as possible so I just used vegetable broth or you can use water.

-To cook the quinoa, this adds more flavor than just water itself but feel free to use water if you’d prefer it.

-I chopped the cauliflower up in a food processor, just pulsing not blending. You can add Himalayan salt and olive/melted coconut oil to make the cauliflower more like a “sticky rice” consistency.

Sweet Potato
– I cut them into thin and long slices. As for the sweet potato, I boiled it until it cook throughout but not too soft. I try to purchase organic vegetables, especially since we are eating them raw and the pesticide levels are much higher in non-organic raw fruits and vegetables. I used a vegetable peeler for the mango and avocado toppings which made it a lot easier.

Dipping sauce:

I like to make my own dipping sauce instead of using soy sauce that is loaded with sodium and just not really good for you. So, I blend together tahini, avocado, lime and dried oregano. I don’t really use any precise measurements just add as you taste it. It is super easy to use and just compliment the vegetable rolls so well.

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