Simple Homemade Detox Water


Detox Water! 💦 🥒🍋🌱Super simple and easy to make! Some benefits of drinking detox water are mood improvement, flushes toxins from your system, naturally aids cells to help the body release fat, aids in better digestion, reduces muscle fatigue and soreness from working out, helps fight nausea and so much more! I try to drink this at least a few times a week. I’ve noticed that it definitely helps with my belly bloating and keeps me feeling more energized through out the week and during workouts.

All you’ll need is filtered water (I have an alkaline filter at home but feel free to use whatever filtered water you prefer), one lemon sliced, handful of fresh mint leaves and a fresh sliced medium cucumber. Leave in the refrigerator overnight and drink the next day!


The water filter that I use is from

I am not affiliated with this company but I am just sharing what I use at home daily. You can get a double system with reverse osmosis and alkalizer which I find to be the optimal filter if you’re able to spend the extra money. The regular filters will balance pH levels for more basic rather than acidic water and the reverse osmosis with do that and also filter out heavy metals and fluoride.

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